7 Ways to Put the B Back in Your Blogging-Part 1

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You notice that if you take away the b in blogging you get logging. Thanks right, without the b you are just putting in time it is quanity and not quality.  So how do we go beyond just logging facts  and figures to blogging about things of interest and substance?

I have observed some things form sites I have been engaged and enthusiatic about. So, knowing that I do not have all the answers, (If I did I would have over 100,000 visitors monthly.) But I know what I like and trying to start practicing it more on my sites.

So lets, start with:

!.  Believe what you write in your blog posts.

So you visit the blog of a guru and decide to link to it in your site. Just because they are well recognized do you  really believe the points they are making? Or do you adopt their points of view because they are who they are?

When you believe the posts you write the passion will ooze out of the blog post like too much garlic.

So, think before you write your next blog post if you believe what you have written or just writing to make folks happy.

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  2. Believe what you write is important but make sure you substantiate your information with documentation—if you’re writing something that requires a little digging.

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