7 Ways To Put The B Back In Your Blogging Part 5

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Blog Your Book!

You can not only create a book with your blogging but use your blog to promote your existing book. Now, that should get your juices flowing.

One of the reasons I am a big fan of creating and fine tuning your categories. Those blog categories can become the chapters for your book! So take a few minutes to review a short video I posted on rosiesblogclass.

I will probably write more about this but here is an excellent blog post by blogger and author, Edwin Crozier. He shares 6 Reasons to blog your book. Be sure to read the comments that were made to his post. They have some meaty insights.

Also, check out this blog post by Cathy Perkins on Alex¬† Mandossian’s blog about blogging your book.

The ever popular and profoundly essential blogging book By Darian Rowse, Problogger, is the result of blog posts.

So, hopefully, this will be enough to get you thinking. Of course if anyone would like to add more insights it would be most welcomed. Meanwhile, DO A BLOG POST NOW!

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4 thoughts on “7 Ways To Put The B Back In Your Blogging Part 5

  1. Rosie,

    I just watched your video on blogging categories. Although I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, I learned several new and helpful pieces of information. You are such a wonderful teacher and you explain and illustrate your points with such clarity, I’m a HUGE fan!
    I’ve been away most of the past several weeks and have missed your earlier posts on blogging. Now, I can’t wait to review them all. THANKS, THANK, THANKS!!!

  2. I don’t think Whatever! would’ve done as well as it did without the blogging aspect. Blog Tours are also good for creating a buzz. You get others engaged in your work and expose your books to literally thousands of others.

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