Are You Going to Share How YOU STARTED BLOGGING? Were You Born a Blogger?

Please share your baby boomer blogging story. It just may help other baby boomers who are trying to decide to blog or not to blog. Help to answer that question.

15 thoughts on “Are You Going to Share How YOU STARTED BLOGGING? Were You Born a Blogger?

  1. I got started when I heard from talk radio that every body needs to blog. I was unfocused at first and it was mostly my ego. Now I have two blogs and one that I share and my intention is to help people retire successfully. It is still a work in progress but I now have a mission. Success is inevitable.

  2. I spent much time posting, answering questions on Ryze and other online groups. Over time it seemed like many people had the same questions. I’d search through the archives and post links to previous answers, not always easy to do.
    Or I’d figure out how to do something, forget, search for the answer again.
    I starting blogging to have a place to put such content so I could easily retrieve it, and also have a place to share my words, thoughts and photos.

  3. My daughter was after me for a couple years to get writing down “that stuff.” She said, “you know, Mom, a blog.” I said, “What’s a blog?”

    That was about 3 years ago. Since then I’ve written and written and written – everything and anything that is of interest to me and people like me “of a certain age.” 😉

    I like all topics that involve Boomers, including fitness, health, nostalgia, travel, etc. etc. I think laughter is the best medicine and I try to look at the sunny side of most situations. I do also include actual real tips and info, but mostly I just like to enjoy my time writing. Hope you stop by and take a look. Thanks for this opportunity to share my story.

  4. I started blogging as a way to tell my life-story as a child. The love of telling a story prompted me to expand to my current fitness blog, wedding blog,and women’s ministry blog.

    I enjoy reading others blogs as well, and particularly yours, Rosie!

  5. Well I started blogging to connect with others who shared my interest in new urbanism and family life. I ended up attracting advertisers and top personalities in this field (PR people representing major architects and developers) for my podcast. I now blog in a few different places and for different reasons, but that first blog is here:

  6. I started blogging to secure a better presence on the internet. What I found out was pretty amazing. I seem to feel (my own opinion, of course) that I often express myself better in print than vocally. Blogging has also taught me alot about myself. I think those who blog regularly know what I mean.

  7. It was not long after the events of 9-11 that I began visualizing “My Dear Babyboomer” blog. Life had become so serious, not only in the world but in my own life. Writing about my memories of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s were a very pleasant diversion from the pain around me. I began to believe that baby boomers who shared similar memories would also enjoy a diversion.
    My blog is purely for pleasure.
    As it evolved I enjoyed creating my own artwork for my posts and in time I developed my first set of Dear Babyboomer greeting cards—just plain fun and nostalgic. The entire experience has been delightful!

  8. I want to blog about people making a difference to other people’s lives. Everybody’s made a difference to someone sometime.

    Please share a story of something you’ve done – anything you’ve done – with us at

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