Are You Looking for the Post on Blogging Betty Boomer?

Many of you may be looking for the post with the picture and podcast for Blogging Betty Boomer. Now if you are an experienced blogger you already know to visit the categories in the sidebar. But if you are not that is what I want to tell you.

Some reading this may say why do they repeat themselves so much? Well remember the mission of this blog? It is for boomers who may still be a wee bit computer shy , blog shy and need gentle hand holding at times.

Those of you who have already arrived know t he feeling of trying to understand and figure this blogging system out. To be very honest Ray and I have not arrived and much of what we have been and will be sharing is some of the things we are learning.

In many ways this blog will be a way to keep it fresh in our own minds. Which reminds me of a wonderful adult learning principle. When you want to learn something your self teach someone what you are learning step by step.

Ladies and Gents this is just another reason to start your blog if you have not done so yet. And it is another reason to keep posting regularly if you started one and just have not paid attention to it lately.

Take care and more Blogging Betty Boomer cartoons are on Ray’s desk so stay tuned.


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