Are You Using Associated Content?

Are you using Associated Content for paid article placement? Well, I have not used them but a fellow blogger, Cute Writing wrote a very insightful, researched article that candidly looks at business practices that you should know about. Many of us want to make money on some of our blogs but we should get the best bang for our buck.

Click on the link below.

1 thought on “Are You Using Associated Content?

  1. I wrote a few articles for some content sites, found that people were copying and pasting my articles without the proper backlinks. I notified the content site and they did follow up, but it made me leary of writing for other sites for just for a few linkbacks and a pittance of cash.

    I didn’t see the traffic promised and it wasn’t worth giving them my content! I’d rather save my content for my own sites!

    I’ll certainly stay clear of AC after reading that article!

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