Are You Using Feedburner Email Opt-in on Your Sites?

Are you using Feedburner for your RSS email opt in form? I have it on several sites but tonight realized I did not have that opt-in on all my sites. So I am in process.

I like Feedburner because it provides an easy email optin form that helps folks get your feeds when  they are not sure how to do it with a reader.

Feedburner is powerful and I encourage you to spend time looking at all the cool features. Now, if you set up a Feedburner account a while ago and have not returned you need to go back. Feedburner was purchased by Google and you MUST have a Google account.

Ok, I am off to place a feed on at least one site before I go to bed.

PS, if you are reading this and plan to come back, pop that email into the sidebar. You will be asked to fill out that hard to read complex code to insure that you are not a robot.

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