Article Writing-Are You Doing it Yet?

I have found that one of the best, I mean very best ways to drive more traffic to your blogs is to write articles. Now, I know somebody who is a true genius at do this. Many of you know him also. His name is Jeff Herring. He has some great templates, tutorials, teleseminars and more that will make you feel like what he says at the end of each of his talks “Just go use this stuff”. I am learning so much and feel a lot more confident and productive so check out one of his teleseminars or some of his other great  trainings.

But start writing those articles now!!! You  have a lot to say.

2 thoughts on “Article Writing-Are You Doing it Yet?

  1. I started writing some articles for E-How by taking my recipe posts from The Martini Diva and rewriting them – I did find that I increased my traffic and it was pretty easy to do the recipe article with E-How’s article wizard.

    What I’m wondering is which of the article sites are the best ones to write for. I used E-How because they came up high on google for some of my food keywords. I’m going to try out your suggestions!

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