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  • Are You Playing Wordle?

    Are you playing Wordle yet? I have not tried to play yet but I am in the same admiration for all who do play this popular game as I am for those who do crossword puzzles. Why? Because  they are charging up their brains every day. Actually I am convinced that it is a genius […]

  • 7 Highly Rated Crypto-Wallets Baby Boomer Bloggers Doing Research Should Know About

    Many Baby Boomers may have decided to tip their big toe into NFT’s. (Non-Fungible-Tokens). It has been all the rave lately and I am sure some of the grand kids or children might be chatting about it. As a result some of you may be researching or actually creating, selling or trading NFT’s. If you […]

  • Your Blog is Not Showing Well in Google-Is it Your Breath?

    I  am half-way through listening to this insightful video report on digital  trends for 2022. At the very beginning it explains why some of our blog posts may not be showing up well in Google. Guess what, it has nothing to do with our breath. View this eye-opening  video now on digital  trends for 2022.

  • FREE Baby Boomer Blogging Brain Stimulation Coloring Page

    Sometimes your brain needs a little boost. So, it is helpful to take a few minutes, chill out and color. After you finish you will probably have some blogging ideas. Give it a try. Just click on the link below and you will get a FREE coloring page done by Ray Horner Jr. in a […]

  • Social Bookmarking And Blogging -Say What?Part 1 Get Ready For Reddit

    What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking is an online service which allows bloggers to add, comment, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. It is a critical tool to help pump up your search engine optimization. SEO) Social bookmarking sites can make it easy for people to find blog sites and help you generate backlinks […]

  • Have You Been Blogging? If No, Time To Get Your Blogging Groove Back!

    This crazy time has put more and more baby boomers online. Those of us who created blogs  many moons ago may have started blogging again. But so many of us have those blogs and got stuck in a rut. But now, more than ever, we should be sharing our voices, creations, ideas, griefs and joy. […]

  • Baby Boomer Bloggers You’ve Got to Get Up and MOVE

    One of The greatest challenge I face blogging is getting up from the computer and stretching. It is easy to practice poor posture and strain my neck and back while engrossed on the computer. So I attempt to stretch and walk. I find that walking really helps with blogging because then I have an opportunity […]

  • Are Any of You Using The Blogger Platform for Some of Your Blogs?

    The Blogger platform so often gets overlooked when setting up a blog for the first time or if you are a veteran blogger. Yet it is surprisingly simple and part of the Google family. I find that the platform has several advantages. Great if you want to have an easy way to add adsense to […]

  • Grief After Corona (AC)-Wisdom for Coping

    I have decided to create a new time designation during this Corona virus pandemic. I refer do the old normal as “Before Corona”. The time during the quarantine is “During Corona” (DC). And references to our new normal will be “After Corona” (AC) This is a power-packed professional discussion from a grief counselor for dealing […]

  • New Blogs Need Nurturing and Old Blogs Need Healing

    My hubby and I have several blogs. Some are new start ups and some are older. There is a tendency to get excited and devote more time to that infant blog. You want to stroke it feed it good food and share the vision for the future. But what I am realizing is that the […]