Blog Comments Can Curve Your Common Errors

Blog comments can really help you grow in your blogging experience. Good comments can not only encourage you but cut down your blogging errors. Ok, what am I talking about. Well, if you look at the comment on the last post you will notice that the blogger was kind enough to let me know I made a mistake in the link for his site.

Now of course this is helpful for him to get the link right but it is also helpful for me. The great thing about blogging is I was able to correct it simply by going to the manage section of my blog and clicking on the edit button.

Note also that if I had not decided to visit my blog and post today I would not have seen the comment. So, the morale of this tale is to post often, learn from your mistakes, quickly correct them and keep encouraging comments, good or bad, from your readers.



1 thought on “Blog Comments Can Curve Your Common Errors

  1. This is a wonderful suggestion. I know that I make mistakes and do try to correct them as I find out about them. Visiting your blog everyday also helps you check your blog stats and gives you an idea of which posts are the most popular. It is all a learning experience. Thanks for your great ideas!

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