Blogging Betty Boomer Has Decided to Write a Tips Booklet

If you recall the post of the cartoon of Blogging Betty Boomer, you will note that she is looking at her computer. She just finished reading the article by Paulette and has decided that she had a lot of stuff that would make great material for a tips booklet.

How will she do it?

She is going to create a post for each tip. Just think at the end of 77 posts, for example, she will have 77 tips. The tips will get comments from the blogging world. That will give her an idea of how people are responding to her topic.

After she creates her tips booklet she can give it away or make it available for a small investment. She can also get sponsorships for the booklet. She knows, of course, that she can visit  Paulette Ensign’s blog for more help.

So there you have it another reason to blog.


In case you missed the cartoon and the reason why it was created just go to the posting for Aug. 25.

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