Blogging Can Be Lonely

Blogging can be a lonely time when you slow down your blogging. Your stats will drop, your comments get reduced, and it feels like you never ever blogged. There is a silence that is deafening and you re-evaluate your purpose for blogging in the first place.

Only when you re-connect to your reasons for blogging then you are motivated to pick up the blogging mouse and start again. How do you handle the lonely feelings when the activity dies down and the search engine spiders don’t visit as much?

3 thoughts on “Blogging Can Be Lonely

  1. I’ve slowed down on my blog posts simply because I have been busy building my online store and other important web stuff! I have 8 blogs and I simply cannot post daily (let alone more!) and get everything else done too.

    Additionally, I don’t have the types of blogs that you can post quality content 3 times a day, or even daily. I truly prefer to post quality content as opposed to posting for postings sake.

    Hopefully, my stats will continue to rise because of the quality content and not because of the number of posts. Personally it irritates me when I get an e-mail from a subscribed blog 3 times a day! I will unsubscribe when that happens!

  2. I, too, have slowed down on my blogging posts as I’m working on other projects (and my day job). I’m not concerned since I haven’t had time to be here to look at the decreased traffic! I think my other projects will eventually pay off so I just made a conscious decision to focus on them, knowing that in the long run, my blogging will pick up again and so will the traffic.

    So you can say that I’m just going with the flow.

  3. I believe blogging is really a team sport. When your priorities go in a different direction for a while, your blogging friends can provide support (they might even write some guest blog posts). When you are in the blogging groove, you can provide that same type of support to others.

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