Blogging Directories-Pt.2-Truth Laid Bear

Today I want to share a blogging directory called ,

Now notice that one of the words in the name is ‘bear’. When you go to the clearly laid out site you will see it is a nature oriented site. Very creatively laid out and the blogging community is called an ecosystem.

Take the time to look at the types of blogs and interesting conversations and opinions that are shared.

Signing up is easy just be sure to click on add another site when you are ready to add your site for the first time. They also give you the option to add up to two other url names for your site.

Do not be confused by this because some people have what is called a redirect on their names. For example, I own the name but I also have I set up the redirect on my host because I was misspelling the name and thought others might also. They both go to the same site.

Once you have submitted your blogs you will get code t hat can be placed in your site.

The code for my blog submission was placed into my code section of the blog and it generated the information below:
My Ecosystem Details

Now back to the article directory. It has excellent testimonial reviews. And what I am excited about is the section on blog carnivals. Ok, I hear you asking, “What’s a blog carnival?”

A Blog Carnival is specific type of blog community. . Blog Carnivals typically collect together links pointing to blog articles on a specific niched topic. Often the editors who gather all the articles will give their opinions and remarks.

So explore this directory and see if it is a good fit for you.

Does anyone else have any experience being in this directory?


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