Blogging Directories-Pt3 Globe of Blogs

Have you ever heard of Globe of Blogs?

It is a blogging directory. When you search for topics the following stats come up for this date, Dec. 3, 2007:

Activism: 3420 weblogs found.
Arts and Entertainment: 6114 weblogs found.
Careers and Occupations: 6453 weblogs found.
Computers and The Internet: 2529 weblogs found.
Crafts: 432 weblogs found.
Education and Reference: 2074 weblogs found.
Family Issues: 1129 weblogs found.
Food and Cooking: 829 weblogs found.
Health and Fitness: 1548 weblogs found.
Hobbies: 2692 weblogs found.
Home and Garden: 408 weblogs found.
Lifestyle Choices and Subcultures: 2666 weblogs found.
Meta: 3341 weblogs found.
News: 2078 weblogs found.
Philosophy and Religion: 1783 weblogs found.
Politics: 681 weblogs found.
Relationships: 1056 weblogs found.
Sports: 1218 weblogs found

I am thrilled that there is a category for baby boomer. There are also categories for 50 something.

The sign in process is real easy and although they ask for your date of birth the year is optional. They also inform you that it may be a few days before your site is posted. It appears that you can only submit one blog. But I am going to search around to see if that is true.

If anyone else has some experience with this directory please let us know.



PS They have really great customer service. I wrote them and they wrote back. How cool is that?

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