Blogging-Is the Thrill Gone?

BB only started blogging 10 months ago and already she was bored. The thrill she had when she started was gone.  She started with Typepad because she wanted a business blog with out the learning curve she needed if she hosted a blog.It was so easy and she was having fun.

She had a small business coaching clients  She was so busy traveling, writing, presenting at conferences and living a life with her family. Her expensive static website suffered because the web designer she hired decided to change careers. Instead of hiring someone to work on her site she decided that blogging was the way to go and let her static website go to website wonderland. That means she never linked her blog to her website and her website to her blog.

She was blogging because she wanted expert status and a place to send her clients to for articles and updates. Oh, that worked so well the first three months. Her stats were high because she keep fresh content on her blog. A few comments came in but that was only after asking her clients to ask their questions on the blog.

She even put videos and audios during the fourth month of blogging. She was on a roll. But in the fifth month she started posting less and less. She convinced her self that  now that everyone knew about her blog she had arrived. After all it was getting more search engine action than her website still on vacation in wonderland.

It was month six and she decided to publish a book. She was probably the only person in her area of specialty who did not have a book. She said to herself. “I won’t have any time to blog because the book is going to take a lot of time.”

So now it’s the 10th month and her book is complete. Someone called her as said, “I haven’t gotten any blog postings from you in my RSS feed, are you still blogging?” BB responded by saying, “You know, blogging is not really working for me, I have lost interest.”

What suggestions do you have for BB??? How can she get motivated, once again, to blog?


2 thoughts on “Blogging-Is the Thrill Gone?

  1. She should have used sections of her book as posts on her blog. Then she could have built interest in her book the whole time she was writing it.

    Blogs are certainly easier to maintain than a full blown website, but the website is like your “main office”. That’s where you send everyone.

  2. It is always the most difficult in the beginning. Just keep at it, you cannot expect to see any results only after a few months of blogging.Like Pop said here,sections of the book as separate blog posts and then syndication with social sites.

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