Blogging Mistakes-3 Common Ones

Blogging mistakes are so very common. I make blogging mistakes much too often. So I decided to share 3 common mistakes I sometimes make.

Mistake #1

Creating posts without links to the sites mentioned.

Mistake #2

Neglecting to check posts for spelling errors

Mistake #3

Neglecting to check links made in a post to ensure that they work.

Now, of course I make other mistakes. I will post them later. Do you have any you want to share?

PS I made a category for this one so be on the look out for more postings.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Mistakes-3 Common Ones

  1. Remember that when and if you update your websites and blogs that any links you have made to them can break and you need to go back over your old posts to check!!!!

    I just revamped and now have to go back over months and months of old posts to check broken links – but it’s just all part of keeping your content fresh!

  2. What great advice! I find that sometimes we are moving so fast with the immediate task that we don’t take the time to look back. Thanks for that reminder

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