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Blogging Platforms Using WordPress.org-Pt.2

WordPress.org is an open source (and thus a free) platform that provides you with tools required to set up a blog. In order to get started you’ll need to find an hosting service that will be compatible with WordPress hosting. WordPress.org has a list of preferred hosting services (but also companies not listed there can host your blog).

I am hosting this blog with BlueHost, and to date their service is completely satisfactory, I love being able to talk to a live voice 24/7 . I also like hostgator. They also have live voice help 24/7 when you are up late.

Links for both boomer friendly hosts are on this blog in the sidebar widget.

The pros and cons of using WordPress.org
1. You can select your own domain name. Thus there will not be a www.mysite.wordpress.com that exists with wordpress.com
2. You can leverage a huge amount of plugins that will add functionality to your site.
3. You can run Adsense,other advertising services, afiiliate links etc’ and thus better monetize your blog
4. You have a huge amount of blog themes to choose from.
1. Hosting and the domain name will cost you money (Hosting: normally up to $10/month for a new blog and Domain: up to 10$/year) .
2. You’ll need some technical knowledge to install the software and its plugins Of course I recommend thewordpresswizard.com
3. You are responsible for backing up your blog
4. You are responsible for upgrading to new WordPress.org versions
5. You might encounter a quality of service issue (your blog might even be unavailable) during spikes

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