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Boomer-Are You Ready To Blog?-7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 6

Did you get your domain name yet? Before you launch your blog think about the name. Consider the following points.

  • May sure your title is keyword rich
  • Unless you are a celebrity avoid using your name if folks are not going to search on your name
  • Unless it is an easy phrase don’t make it too long
  • Be sure the words are easy to spell, if not purchase domain names with the popular misspellings of the name
  • Search on www.Domaintools.com to see if the name is already in use or if something like .net, .org, etc is available.(Plus there are other goodies there also.

I know I may have left some tips out so please some of you more experienced bloggers feel free to send some more advice for boomers just starting out.



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