Boomer-Are You Ready To Blog? 7-Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part-7

If you read the last post on this series we discussed getting a  domain name.

If you are not  hosting your own blog and hosting it on or then you do not have to purchase a domain name. But regardless of how you are hosting your blog you need to decide on your level of committment. Thats right, it is not as heavy as marriage or starting a business but you should know how often you plan to post to your blog.

Some bloggers post daily, a few times per week, monthly or whenever they feel like it. Just know that the more you post the more the search engines like it. Now that’s what my understanding is and I welcome the wisdom  of seasoned bloggers. I personally like to read blogs that have updated information.

There have been times when I search for information or a point of view and find a post written months ago. If the information is technical I really do not rely on the information in an old post. If it is philosphical or opinion based I like to compare that to changes in the news media, etc.

I challenge you to challenge your self. Set a goal for how many posts you intend to make in what period of time. For example, we set a crazy goal of 70 posts in 30 days. We knew that if we only did 30 in 30 days that we would still meet a good standard by posting each day. But we met our goal! It became a personal thing to actually get us into the discipline of posting good stuff on a regular basis.

Plus we came up with other things like cartoons, podcasts and videos. We are excited because we are now used to posting on a regular basis.

So give it a try. Please review all the posts in the category BEFORE YOU START on this and keep reading this blog.

Tell us what you think, how often do you think someone should post to their blogs?

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