Boomers Can “Fight with Thier Fisks”

There is a blogging term called fisk. It’s a strange term that is named after a British Journalist named Robert Fisk. Now hold on everyone to this definition you are going to just love it.

***Fisk’s reporting and commentary style has made him the object of criticism, to the extent that some bloggers have coined the blogosphere term fisking (“a point-by-point refutation of a blog entry or a news story”).

That’s right you heard it here. If you want to fight an issue you can do it in your own critical style toe to toe and it is already a common practice in the blogging world.

Now think about this when deciding on what kind of blog you may want. You might have a fiery blog that criticizes positions you are against. You can post the issue and tear it apart as if you were a courtroom prosecutor. This is great for many of us Boomers who have some real important things to say and want to be heard.

I can think of some issues I am fired up about. That means I could take the posts that someone else has made and go point by point refuting each point. But WARNING remember your home training. If your mama never taught you to slander a person or gossip don’t start now!

As Boomers, we carry a lot of opinions that are often backed up with lots of experience and expertise. So I will not be surprised if some of you come up with some really cutting edge commentaries in your blogs.
I guess if I had to make one commentary about a possible downside of fisking it would be my concern that someone is personally attacked. I do not tolerate verbal abuse and so I guess my fisk would probably be against any posts that attempt to destroy a person.

Just remember you now know another name for what you may have been doing already in the blog world. Hopefully your fisking will make positive changes.

Do you have any issues you are going to fisk in your blog? Please share them in the comments. You can even practice by fisking this post.

also visit my wordsite when your get a chance. My private battle against verbal abuse.

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