Bored With Blogging or Just Bogged Down?

Have you gotten bored with blogging lately? Or are you just to busy to blog?

I asked myself this question as I traveled home from visiting my mom in the rehab center.  I said ” Wow, I haven’t blogged in a very long time.” “Why?”

Well it certainly wasn’t because I was bored. No, it is because I am super bogged down with trying to do the Ebay and Etsy online commerce, work a full time job, figure out ways to add to my pension and take care of mom. I have all the drama I need to blog about.

Just my two recent trips to the Emergency room in a large urban poor community in New Jersey gave me more than 20 blog posts.By the time I talk about the evil of shutting down hospitals, overflowing ER rooms that strip the dignity of the cattle herd, amazing staff that works in what appears to be a war zone I have a lot to blog about. I should have recorded notes and blogged on a relevant blog before going to bed late each night.

Or,  what about all the Ebay postings, people and lessons I am learning? Learning the software, learning the rules, finding things to sell, consignment challenges, learning how to sell things I never looked at twice before. All Attempts to add to my pension fun.That’s good for at least 20 posts on two  new blog I created.

I realize that blogging can be systematic. I mean after all I created a blog management system that I am not using these days. So, it is time to put it  into action if I am going to give food to my hungry blog children on a regular basis.

What about you?

Are you scheduling your blog posts?

Are you making notes of your daily thoughts, dramas and challenges?

Are you bursting with ideas to blog about?


Are you bored with the blogging adventure?

3 thoughts on “Bored With Blogging or Just Bogged Down?

  1. My problem is just getting into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. Too many distractions!!! I know that being consistent is the key and maybe I’ll finally do it right.

  2. Whoa, Ray & Rosie! I’m a messed-up blogger. Mostly because of the other stuff I also need to do. You wouldn’t believe the drafts and the needs-editing articles that’s dumped on my PC and my brains right now. I never run out of ideas. It’s just that I have to make sure they’re “helpful” and fun for people who wanna be VAs or online workers.

    But yes, I’m scheduling my blog posts. I make sure I don’t post more than two in a week. It’s a challenge, though, to put in all the dramas of day-to-day tasks because of the ghostwriting I do. So I have to be careful.

    I’m always bursting with ideas, so bad that there’s not a new information or idea that I don’t write a title about. I get back to them later. But definitely, I’m not bored with this adventure!

    Hmmm. I’m thinking about your management system. Will look into it. I’m sure it would be a big help!

    Till then, keep posting, both of you!

  3. I think that baby boomers bloggers are the busiest folks I know! Thanks for your comment. As a matter of fact I think I will post about that.

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