Bored With Your Blogging? Easy To Add Audio

It is easy to add audio to your posts. This can really make a difference in your blogging routine. I started doing it on this site and tonight I started doing audio interviews on my boomer review site.

I am using a system that makes adding audio real easy. Let me tell you what I did tonight. I called the blogging boomer I wanted to interview about her excellent sites. site. I used a three way phone and connected to the audio service.

I could have used a teleconference bridge line also. After the interview the recording was automatically available after a few minutes. I went to the site and copied the code. I then placed the code in the section on my blog post by clicking on the tab that says CODE when I was in the WRITE TAB.

The player button and the audio is available without uploading it to the blog. How cool is that? Note also, that I have the choice of having the sound come on automatically, like I have now on or having it come on when you click on the play button. All of this is decided just by click in the option yes or no on the box.

So go check it out. If you want to do a free trial with this service

Just click below

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