Brand New Database For Baby Boomer Sites

Do you have a blog or regular website? If yes, consider increasing your visability by reading the great info below from Baby Boomer Knowledge Center.

Extend and Expand Your Reach to the Baby Boomer Generation: Submit Your URL for a Free Listing in Knowledge [ba²se]™
Publishers of blogs and websites targeted to baby boomers to be listed in a Google Custom Search Engine, created by the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™. Extend and expand your reach to over 78 million Baby Boomers in America and over 300 million worldwide? submit your URL for a free listing in Knowledge [ba²se]™.

If you or your organization publishes a blog or website
·         about issues affecting the baby boomer generation,
·         sells products or offers services targeted to the 50+ mature marketplace,
·         or helps marketers reach and better serve baby boomers,
Then become part of hundreds of blogs and websites that are assisting baby boomers.
Knowledge [ba²se]™ is a custom search engine that offers users a custom-tailored “boomer search experience.” Built using Google’s core search engine technology, Knowledge [ba²se]™ prioritizes search results based on blogs, websites and pages that are relevant to the baby boomer generation.
Oftentimes searching the Internet for specific content can be a daunting task. And a time consuming one, too! Search queries like “active adult retirement communities,” “active adult living,” “eldercare,” “grandparenting,” “estate and retirement planning for baby boomers,” and “financial planning for baby boomers” to name but a few, will return so many results that it’ll make a boomer’s  head spin.
“Unlike other library or directory sites, Knowledge [ba²se]™ is not a collection of links posted on a web page,” said Martin Diano, publisher of the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™, the creator and curator of Knowledge [ba²se]™. “Our mission is to connect baby boomers to information – no matter how specialized or specific – as quickly as possible. Knowledge [ba²se]™ allows users to combine Google’s search algorithm to create a customized experience?thus making access to boomer-specific information across the web easier for users.”
Knowledge [ba²se]™ resides at the Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™ . Publishers need only to submit their URL, by email, to   
The Baby Boomer [Knowledge Center]™ is a web destination for and about the Baby Boomer generation.

3 thoughts on “Brand New Database For Baby Boomer Sites

  1. Looks like from what I’ve read I could do a lot of damage with my computer trying to follow what is written here! Is some of it in jest? I just like to write and don’t know enough about sites to not be dangerous to myself and others!!! I’ll have to show this to my kids and ask them if they understand any of it!

  2. Holly, if you have kids that can lend you wisdom that is a good thing. They are, often at this much more. But no, the info was not it jest. Keep writing and thanks for the comment.

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