Really Basic Videos Just Posted

There is a site called Rosie’s Blog Class that I use for anyone to visit after they have gotten coaching from me or I have conducted a blogging class. It may be very basic for those of you on However, I find that starting folks out on as practice, hobby or quick start for community blogging can be close to awesome.

So, visit when you can or send others because I plan to explode it with  step by step information. Of course, the version will change more than we change and update our blogs but that is a great place to learn new versions when they come out.

So visit the lasted videos just posted.

What Is Stopping You From Blogging?

What is stopping you from blogging? Many are reading this blog who are not yet blogging. Why?

Many answers I hear in my classes are:

“I’ve heard of it but I don’t have time to gossip”

“What would I say?”

“I don’t understand why anyone would want someone to make comments.”

“I have to work on a computer during the day, I don’t have time for it when I get home.”

“My grandkids blog, but it’s not for me.”

What is your reason? Just click on the comment link after this post.

7 Baby Boomer Friendly Ways To Use This Blog Site

Here are 7 Baby Boomer ways to get the most out of this blog site. It is especially helpful for anyone who is not used to visiting this kind of strange, interactive and always interesting website platform. Hope it is helpful.

Ray and Rosie

1. Subscribe to this site.Are you much too busy to visit websites on a regular basis to find out what’s new and going on? The best way for you to know that some new information has been posted on is to let us tell you by subscribing to the site. Once you complete the simple subscription process, you will receive an email telling you when a new post has been put up. This will save you time and effort and will remind you when it’s time to visit

Look to the sidebar on the right and you will see the subscription box. Then, type in your email address and click on SUBSCRIBE


After hitting subscribe you will get another box where you can type in a verification code. This is done to insure that you are a human being and not a machine. A confirmatory message will be sent directly to your email from subscription program called Feedburner.


After you enter the code you will get a confirmation email in your mailbox. Then you are subscribed and can unsubscribe whenever you want.

2. Scan the entire post. provides information on a broad selection of maternal and child health and public health issues. We hope that you will find much of this information to be of interest, but, knowing you are busy, here are some tips to help you navigate through the site a little more efficiently. Each entry after the title is called a “post”. Some of the posts are long and some are short. Scanning the sub-headings will help you to determine if the post is of value to you and save you lots of time. You’ll see that some words or phrases in each post are typed in pink. These will usually be a link that will take you to another site, pdf form, word document or PowerPoint slide show.
3. Make a comment. We want to hear from you. Your opinions, additional information and insights are valuable to us. You can make a comment by going to the end of the post and clicking on the word Comments. Once you do this, a small box will open up to give you an opportunity to key in your name, email address and website.The name and email are required because this is the only way the blogging team can contact you for any needed clarification and also to say thanks for taking the time to make a comment. We do not share your personal information with anyone except those on the old school blogging team (Ray and Rosie) who review the comments for approval.
Placing your website URL in the comment field is optional. If you have one and want us to contact you in that manner, please put it in that field. It will provide a link back to your site in the search engines.



Please note that if no one has made a comment the phrase, no comments yet will appear. Just click on that phrase and a new box will appear that will allow you to be the first person to make a comment.

What Are Your Blogging Options?-For the Comparison Chart Contest

This chart was submitted by Blogging Betty Boomer.

What Blogging Options Exist?

Blogging options are divided into four categories.
1. Social Networks with blogging.
As many of you already know, social networks are communities online. This particular type of community will link folks together by using personal profiles of members in the community. Along with the many things you can do like share photos and friend lists they also include blogging. It must be noted; however, that blogging in a social network site is usually not business related sites.
Social networks can be the easiest and the cheapest (often free) platform to do a blog for the first time. They include sites like and
2. Hosted BLOG ONLY platforms
This blogging option is a step above social networks that include blogs. The focus is just on blogging. Well known blog platforms that fall into this category include and

3. Self-Installed blogging platforms
This is a serious and powerful initiative. Whereas, you can learn to install the software yourself on your computer many folks hire out this task for the f first time unless they are the technically savvy. BUT IT CAN BE DONE!
Common programs include Moveable Type and

4. Web hosts with preinstalled blog platforms
Many very good web hosting companies now provide preinstalled blog programs for their customers. That means programs like Moveable Type and are made real easy to launch if you are using that particular hosting company.
I personally use two hosting companies that make it easy for me to install my blogs. You can visit them here.

Brief Review of the Four Blogging Options

Brief Review of the Four Blogging Options


Social Networks

Hosted Blog Platforms

Self Installed Blogging

Web Hosts


Yes or limited





Yes or No


Yes or No



Free or under $10 per month


Free or small one-time license fee

Small monthly fee

Ease of use


Easy /moderate


Moderate to challenging

Business Focused Features

Very little




Can add revenue ads


Yes and no


Yes and no

Add Audio/Video





Design template/theme

Choices and features


Basic to moderate

High level of sophistication

High level of sophistication

Server Space



Depends on web host

Depends on Web host