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Really Basic Videos Just Posted

There is a site called Rosie’s Blog Class that I use for anyone to visit after they have gotten coaching from me or I have conducted a blogging class. It may be very basic for those of you on WordPress.org. However, I find that starting folks out on WordPress.com as practice, hobby or quick start […]

What Is Stopping You From Blogging?

What is stopping you from blogging? Many are reading this blog who are not yet blogging. Why?

Many answers I hear in my classes are:

“I’ve heard of it but I don’t have time to gossip”

“What would I say?”

“I don’t understand why anyone would want someone to make comments.”

“I have to work […]

Why You Should Use WordPress-Video

Why should you use WordPress? Well this question was answered very nicely by the folks at Become a Blogger. Now, I may post all the videos here but after you view the first one you will find that you can simply stay on the site and view the rest.

The videos are really well done. […]

7 Baby Boomer Friendly Ways To Use This Blog Site

Here are 7 Baby Boomer ways to get the most out of this blog site. It is especially helpful for anyone who is not used to visiting this kind of strange, interactive and always interesting website platform. Hope it is helpful.

Ray and Rosie

1. Subscribe to this […]

If You Had a Form to Organize Your Blogs What Kind Would You Want?

Do you need a form(s) to organize your blogs? If yes, what forms would you need? We are releasing a blog management system. If you answer this post by Monday, May, 20 2008 by 12:00 EST you will get to preview the Beta version-FREE

Congratulations Blogging Betty Boomer!

You were the only person to submit a comparison chart on blogging and you are the winner of the blog management system that will be released this month.

It is not too late to share your comparisons with others.

Ray and Rosie

What Are Your Blogging Options?-For the Comparison Chart Contest

This chart was submitted by Blogging Betty Boomer.

What Blogging Options Exist?

Blogging options are divided into four categories. 1. Social Networks with blogging. As many of you already know, social networks are communities online. This particular type of community will link folks together by using personal profiles of members in the community. Along with […]

What is a Blog?-Wikipedia

What is a blog is defined very nicely in Wikipedia.

What is a Blog?-Blogger

Blogger has a really great definition of a blog! Check it out.

Before You Build Your Blog-Plan

Before you build your next or first blog PLAN. Our blog planning summary form has been revised. It is really a great way to start the thinking going in your head about your blog.

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