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5 Pittsburgh Steeler and 5 Green Bay Packers Blogs for Boomer Bloggers

Are you planning to look at blogs about the two Superbowl giants Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers this week? If yes, I thought you would enjoy looking at some popular blogs dedicated to the teams. So I have listed five (5) blogs for each team and the current post. Perhaps it may give you […]

Press Release: Top Bloggers Named by Boomer Diva Nation Organization

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to read this special press release “Top Bloggers Named by Boomer Diva Nation Organization!”

Also note that this press release site is free and a great tool for your blogging messages in 2011. The service also allows you to place the embed code for the press […]

Why And How I Moved My Static Website to a Dynamic Blogging Home Part 2

There are a lot of hosts out there in the big internet city but all of them would not work with my website that would become a blog. It was important to make the right move.

The Internet City is Full of Hosts

When I decided to transfer my static […]

Do You Want People To Tweet Your Posts?

If you want people to be able to Tweet your Posts on Twitter then try adding a special plugin to your WordPress blog. A fellow baby boomer blogger, Heidi Caswell, just created a video showing you HOW TO ADD THE TWEET THIS plugin to your blog. Ok, some of you already know but others reading […]

Do You Blog Like You Hula?

Baby Boomers, Hula hoops and Blogging

Baby Boomers- How many of you are blogging like you handle a hula hoop? Some of us have forgotten how to hula and seldom consider picking it up again. I have a few blogs that have been neglected. Sure I used to be consistant and kept […]

Peek Inside The Real Life OF Boomer Bloggers

Who are some real life baby boomer bloggers? Hear interesting info about their lives and background.



My Baby Boomer Twitter Connections-@MarcMiddleton

Today I took a good look at Marc Middleton, Founder of the awesome site Growing Bolder. Now why do I appreciate this Twitter connection? Ok, I am so glad you asked. I have 3 reasons listed below.

1. I adore his background because he is dancing. I think all baby boomers should dance, especially between […]

Are You In Generation Jones? Do You Blog?

Do you belong to Generation Jones, or the so-called Lost Generation? Do you still consider yourself a baby boomer? Does blogging come easier to you?

Generation Jones (the long-lost generation between the Boomers and Xers, born 1954-1965. Read what Wikipedia has to say:

American social commentator Jonathan Pontell defined this generation and coined the term […]

I Have Decided To Get Up From Blogging And Move Body

Starting yesterday, I am getting up from this computer every hour.

This is not the kind of change I need! How about you?

Baby Boomers Blog to Beat the Blahs on Thanksgiving?

Do you blog to beat the blahs on Thanksgiving? I asked my baby boomer hubby Ray, “Why do you think folks blog on Thanksgiving?” Shouldn’t they be sitting at somebody’s table eating? at first he said, “Why do they watch the football games?” After we laughed he then said, “Maybe they do it to beat […]