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Blogging Great For Non-Profits

Blogging is great for non-profits and is one of the many channels of communication suggested in a great blog called Every Day Giving I hope you peek at right here!

While you are reading observe the audio that can be selected to hear the post.

Free WordPress Teleseminars and Blog Strategy Form

Free wordpress teleseminars and a blog strategy form is available for you at the word press wizard’s site.

If you are trying to save money and learn at the same time this is one of the best deals around!

Trust me this is gooooooood stuff. If you don’t learn anything I will give your money […]

A Squidoo and Twitter a Real Social Bond

Squidoo and Twitter are bonded together with bloggers both expert and evolving. I was on Squidoo and came across this content filled post on Twitter. There is an excellent discussion on how the two work together. In addition this is, so far, one of the most detailed descriptions of Twitter.

Pay particular attention to TWITTER […]

What is a Photoblog? Pt. 1

Photoblogging means to post a digital photo on a blog. Many photobloggers post only photos without text. While others may post text and photos. Often photo albums may be attached to the photoblogs.

Some interesting resources I found include:

Photo Blog Magazine. There are, of course many, many more. I may post about them later. […]

Join the Membership Site of Blogging 4 Boomers

Blogging4Boomers has a great membership site and a powerful teleseminar series. I am listening to them and learning so much from the blogging genius that contribute to and run the site.

It is also a great example of domain name variation. Follow the example of Blogging 4 Boomers. When they are on a teleseminar they […]

Do You Enjoy Collage Making? Thinking About Doing One?

Do you like collage making? If yes, grab this little e-booklet Ray is giving away on his blog before he makes it for sale. Visit, Horner Art Workshop.

Do You Have a Blog of Interest to or created by a Baby Boomer?

If you have a blog or know of a blog that might be of interest to baby boomers, please post it at

on the rosies boomer review site as a comment to the post requesting the links.

Note for new bloggers:

Please notice that I created a link directly to the post I wanted folks […]

I Invite All My Readers to Join Tee Bee Dee

Tee Bee Dee is a website just for folks over 40. I am inviting you to join because there is a blogging group on the site. I will post a review of the site on rosiesboomer.com. But for now make a visit to the site, do a search on blogging and view the group. You […]

7 Reasons for Blogging Baby Boomers To Join Facebook

I just joined and having fun exploring this awesome social marketing site. So for now I want to share some reasons that convinced me to join according to a recent report in Revenue magazine.

1. The fastest growing group is 25 and up!

Note: a 21 year old made reference to facebook as a place […]

Words Can Hurt or Heal-A Challenge for Blogging Boomers

Blogging is a powerful weapon to fight verbal abuse of all kinds. I was so glad to see that Blog Catalog had a campaign on Sept. 27 to fight abuse of all sorts. I am passionate about verbal abuse aimed at ANYBODY. It takes so many ugly forms that it is almost hidden except deep […]