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Does Your Blog Brand You Effectively? Do You Want to Know How to Use Social Media With Your Blog?

If you live in New York, St. Louis, Albany Ga, Los Angeles, CA. Baltimore, MD, or Dallas TX let Leathia Owens help you during her 7 City Tour.Lethia Owens is a personal branding and social media strategist that can help you pump up your personal branding and marketing efforts. She is doing a 7-City Tour […]

Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series

Reason 3 of Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Here is Reason 3 of my Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs. by Toolie Reason 3 – Controlling and Protecting Your Business Sites “The story we’re about to tell you is true. The names were changed to protect […]

Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series # 8

You are really going to enjoy this part of Toolie’s series. Reason 8: Branding, Creativity, and Freedom to Fly

I get asked a lot about how I can possibly make a living teaching website and blog skills when there are so many free website templates and site-builders out there already. My answer is simple: people […]

What Type of Membership Site Should You Create?-Video

Are you thinking about creating a membership site but unsure of the type you want?

Well, I am struggling with this same issue. I have some ideas , have the software but still fine tuning the types of sites I will create. It is also a bit scary but so was blogging.

So, if you […]

Blog Expert Demos Photo Site to Show Use of Social Media

Watch and listen to this Professional Blogger as he uses one of his Photography sites to demonstrate how he uses social media. This is one of the best.

Why Do My Google Analytics Look Different Than My AWstats Report From My Host?

My stats from Awstats look so different from my stats on Google Analytics. I keep scratching my head trying to figure it out. Did it mean that one of them, hopefully the one with the lower numbers, was wrong?

Actually my research led me to several sites. But I found one that seemed to be […]

Sell Your Blog? Just the Preparation Can Motivate You To Blog More

Have you ever thought about selling one of your blogs? Well if you have been thinking about selling your gold then you probably considered selling a blog. Both are very valuable.

So, I decided to share some information that I am learning in my own research. That’s right I am thinking about selling one of […]

Do You Know When Someone Makes a Comment About Your Topic on a Blog?

Do you know how to track when someone makes a comment on your area of interest on a blog? Now, I am not talking about Google Alerts which all of you should have on your topic area as well as your name. But I am talking about using a tool I blogged about a while […]

Brand New Database For Baby Boomer Sites

Do you have a blog or regular website? If yes, consider increasing your visability by reading the great info below from Baby Boomer Knowledge Center.

Extend and Expand Your Reach to the Baby Boomer Generation: Submit Your URL for a Free Listing in Knowledge [ba²se]™ Publishers of blogs and websites targeted to baby boomers to […]

Who Else Wants To Add Their Blog To Google’s Blogsearch Engine?

Google’s blog search engine is one of the first things I suggest that new bloggers consider when researching their blog focus. It is also a great place to have fun looking at the blogs that focus on your passions. But did you know you could SUBMIT YOUR BLOG for others to see when they search […]