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Please answer that question and include your web address. I am teaching a class this month and want everyone to see the answers.Thanks!

Easy Way to Track Your Articles!

Here is an easy way to track your articles. Do a Google Alert with the title of your article in quotation marks. Now, if you do not recall how to do a Google Alert here are the steps:

1. Go to Google

2. Key in google alert in the search box.

3. Click on the […]

Performancing.com Can Help Boomer Bloggers to Succeed

Performancing is a must site for all bloggers. Baby boomers especially should be part of this powerful site. I just joined and enjoyed great spam-free reading in the timely and informative forums. Many of the posts will take you step by step and make you feel comfortable to ask questions.

Performancing is a community network […]

How Do I Ping?-Pingomatic and Kping Can Help You

Pings is when two internet connections communicate with each other. Yes, we could go deeper but for now that is enough for now.

Some blogging publishing software have the pinging part of the function of the software. That means every time you post some networks are notified. On Typepad you can opt to ping two […]

Promote Your Blog With Articles on Articles for Boomers

Articles are a wonderful way to promote your blog and you can do it with directories like articles for boomers.

Also, many folks visit the directories and post articles on their ezines , websites and blogs.

Regardless of which article directory you use always read the guidelines. This will help to […]

How to Get ONLY 3 Views on Your Blog Posts-11 Easy Suggestions

I love success stories. But I really relish someone honestly talking about all their mess ups before they hit their successful goals. So I am revealing my mess-up skills.

Why are mess-ups skills helpful?

I believe that skills are learned actions that produce results. When we mess-up there are only two choices we have. We […]

My Blogging Boomer Husband Has A Brand New Site

My gifted husband of 30 years (Feb. 18) and co-writer for this blog has a brand new site called Camera Boomer

On a recent post he shows me on a really bad hair day with pensive thought lines in my forehead. Now you can really see that I am a boomer but I have a […]

Podcast on Digging Deep With BlogCatalog

I interviewed Kevin Thompson, on how BlogCatalog increased traffic to his site. This session also took Ray and I step by step in digging deeper into the BlogCatalog community.

It really is a great way to market your site. Give it a try. We will report on others also. If you want to purchase a […]

Blog Marketing with Trackbacks… | Blog Marketing | Affiliate Marketing

Okay, for those blogging boomers who are ready to dig deeper here is a great video on trackbacks. I will be posting more about this later.Meanwhile check out this very clear and easy to understand video. Some things really are best seen then read about. Rosie Blog Marketing with Trackbacks…

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