Category: Google Labs

  • I Have Returned From Google Labs Adventure

    I have returned from the Google Lab Adventure but I am keeping my connection. You see, while I was there I was able to get a really special cell phone that connects me to the Google Lab planets without charge. How cool is that? I also thank the two officers who made the trip with […]

  • Started Blogging 101 Series on Google Moderator

    Started a new series on Google Moderator. However, because bugs still need to be worked out, only featured series are seen right now. Now, I am hoping this becomes featured. But help the folks at Google out by posting a question to their support or via their current series on application bugs. I might just […]

  • Determined to Motivate You to Use Google Lab Applications

    I was about to end my Google Lab adventure tonight. But I just don’t want to come back to earth yet. I know it makes sense to return because there has not been a lot of folks joining me on this trip. But tonight I decided to start my very own series in the Google […]

  • Google Labs-Google Moderator

    We collected a  valuable specimen we are taking home from the planet we are now on in Google Labs called Google Moderator. Below is a tip that was shared as part of a series of discussions. The tip below was from a very popular discussion called Take a Tip Share a Tip. It currently has […]

  • Google Labs-In Quotes

    Our Google Labs exploration, this exciting adventure, continues… In Quotes is an application that allows you to query what a few top politicians have said about a topic. Politicians, so far are rather limited, but it is interesting fare. I typed in “blogging” and pulled one quote from Obama, which says, ” “The benefit of […]

  • Fly Me To The Moon, I Mean Mars With Cool Google Lab Application

    Hope you are enjoying our Google Lab adventure. Now, are you ready to check out a really cool application that will take you to Mars? That’s right Google Labs has an application that lets you explore Mars in 3D!!! FREE Plus, all kinds of other super earth views. So go on over and don’t forget […]

  • Search For Images With Pictures Instead of Words?-Google Labs

    Have  you ever thought about searching for images using pictures instead of words? Well, we have landed on a planet called Google Similar Images during our exploration of Google Labs. What this program will do is allow the opportunity to key in a search item and  then click on the Silmilar Image link under an […]

  • Google Labs-News Timeline

    Google News Timeline is the next planet we are exploring in our boomer space adventure. As stated by Google,”it is : A web application that organizes information chronologically. Google News Timeline allows users to view news, scanned newspapers and magazines, blog posts, sports scores, and more on a zoomable, graphical timeline. You can key in […]

  • Google Labs-Audio Indexing, Politicians Talk

    Want to know what the politicans are saying on You Tube about your topic of interest? Well, this planet in out Google Lab exploration is called Audio Indexing. I went into my Google account and then to the Google Lab to get to Audio Indexing. Now not sure if the link I provided for you […]

  • Google Labs-Free 411 Calls For Business Information

    I promised you a money saving application. Well, we have now traveled to a location in Google Lab space called GooG-411. This is easy and it works! You can do this from your landline and cell phone!