More Blogging Tips From Blogging Betty Boomer-Part 2

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It has been a while but here is an audio note from Blogging Betty Boomer. Now audio notes are really cool. Once you click on this link a web page will open and her voice, recorded in the wee hours of boomer time, will be blasting. She does not sing or dance in this one, sorry.

Enjoy this audio note with tips from Blogging Betty Boomer.

Really Basic Videos Just Posted

There is a site called Rosie’s Blog Class that I use for anyone to visit after they have gotten coaching from me or I have conducted a blogging class. It may be very basic for those of you on However, I find that starting folks out on as practice, hobby or quick start for community blogging can be close to awesome.

So, visit when you can or send others because I plan to explode it with  step by step information. Of course, the version will change more than we change and update our blogs but that is a great place to learn new versions when they come out.

So visit the lasted videos just posted.

Blogging Betty Boomer Listened To Connie Bennett’s Blog Talk Radio On Twitter

Blogging Betty Boomer is still learning Twitter. Trying to make sense of it. She wants to share a blog talk radio show that gave some really good insights. The host was Connie Bennett at Sugar Shock Blog. You can get it here.

Discovery: You get breaking news sometimes before the news!

Google Adsense Impressions and Blogging Boomer Success

Hi, this is Blogging Betty Boomer with a Friendly Friday Reflection.

Most of you are probably thinking that I am talking about Google Adsense and you are right, partially. You see in Google Adsense you may see a lot of impressions but it does not count until you get a CLICK that’s when you see the money.
But the same applies to blogging. When we strive to IMPRESS folks with our blogs it may be a waste of time and energy. Who really cares? But when we can CLICK an CONNECT with a reader then it makes sense.

Many of us bloggers blog for money, fame, expertise position, to strut our stuff or something to to do instead of thinking about major issues in our lives. But when we blog are we REALLY trying to just impress readers with our real time themes, rhetoric or rants? Do we realize that what we write will still stay on the internet after we change our minds?

Boomers we just have to make a difference. The boomers today must look behind. We must leave legacies and living proof that we have made more than just an IMPRESSION

When You Don’t Know What to Blog About Think About Blogging Betty Boomer

If you look at the last cartoon post Blogging Betty Boomer is in a meeting. Whereas, one member of her group is thinking about her blogging post. Many would say that the meeting looks boring and that’s why the other worker is thinking about his game. But regardless of the excitement or non-excitement of the meeting Blogging Betty Boomer has decided to take advantage of the opportunity to create blogging material.

Now how does this apply to you? When you are in meetings or any gathering listen, I mean really LISTEN to information that may relate to your blogging topic. If your expertise is presentation skills, for example, you could analyze the delivery skills of the presenter. Without sharing your results you could write a post to your blog about using vocal variety.

Blogging opportunities are all around you so do not let them get away. Remember if you are in a long meeting it’s just enough material many posts. Consider the fact also that you can blog your opinions. If you disagree with something said in a meeting you can present the issue and share your agreements or disagreements.

Remember also that sometimes your disagreements make great stuff for lots comments.


Thanks Ray for another great cartoon!

Are You Looking for the Post on Blogging Betty Boomer?

Many of you may be looking for the post with the picture and podcast for Blogging Betty Boomer. Now if you are an experienced blogger you already know to visit the categories in the sidebar. But if you are not that is what I want to tell you.

Some reading this may say why do they repeat themselves so much? Well remember the mission of this blog? It is for boomers who may still be a wee bit computer shy , blog shy and need gentle hand holding at times.

Those of you who have already arrived know t he feeling of trying to understand and figure this blogging system out. To be very honest Ray and I have not arrived and much of what we have been and will be sharing is some of the things we are learning.

In many ways this blog will be a way to keep it fresh in our own minds. Which reminds me of a wonderful adult learning principle. When you want to learn something your self teach someone what you are learning step by step.

Ladies and Gents this is just another reason to start your blog if you have not done so yet. And it is another reason to keep posting regularly if you started one and just have not paid attention to it lately.

Take care and more Blogging Betty Boomer cartoons are on Ray’s desk so stay tuned.