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  • Social Bookmarking And Blogging -Say What?Part 1 Get Ready For Reddit

    What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking is an online service which allows bloggers to add, comment, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. It is a critical tool to help pump up your search engine optimization. SEO) Social bookmarking sites can make it easy for people to find blog sites and help you generate backlinks […]

  • 3 Cutting-Edge Blog Directories With FREE Submission That Can Help Your Blog Travel in SEO Space

    A good way to get your  blog out there in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Space is to use blog directories. Blog directories are websites which will categorize your blogs under many different categories. Usually the best blog directories are human edited, meaning that each submitted blog is reviewed by a person , not a robot, […]

  • 3 Reasons To Join Blog Catalog

    Blog Catalog is a blog directory that has matured to a lean and must-be-seen-blogging machine. There are 3 solid reasons why I encourage you to join this active blog directory. 1. Great link traffic back to your site. There are loads of opportunities to exchange links with other bloggers, get comments to your sites. 2. […]

  • Directories vs Search Engines for Your Blog

    Remember that old commercial “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Well that’s what comes to mind when looking at the difference between submitting your site to a search engine vs directory. Here is my current assessment and I welcome anyone to add to this or make corrections.   Search Engines 1. Search engines use […]

  • Claim Your Blog at Technorati

    Technorati is one of those blogging directories that has been around a very long time. You may not be in the directory but talk about your blog may show up as a “blog reaction”. You may see Technorati as a source when you get a Google Alert on your blog name. Note: if you do […]

  • Blogging

    Blogged is a directory that will allow you to submit your blog in less than 3 minutes. Thats right I submitted two blogs in under 5 minutes without signing up. Now, of course you can sign up, which I will do later and become a member. But if you just want to get your site […]

  • Blogging Directories Pt.7-Blog Listing PLUS a Tip About SEO

    Blog Listing is an a blog directory that also has articles. I wrote a note to them to find out how articles can be submitted and they wrote back very quickly with the link and directions for submission. it is The very good thing is that all submissions is reviewed manually. I will also […]

  • Blogging Directories Pt.6-Blog Explosion

    Just the name Blog Explosion brings images of increased traffic statistics and excitement to my mind. It is a diverse directory that includes: Podcast directory Blog tools Battle of blogs Blog rental Plus lots more Each site is manually reviewed and they promise a decision in 48-72 hours. There seems to be a lot of […]

  • Blogging

    Yes you can submit your site RSS feed to the directory If you do not know your RSS feed you can always get an account with and they will create a feed for you in seconds. If you don’t know what I am talking about click on the category RSS for some earlier […]

  • More On Webloogle

    In an earlier post in the Blog Directory series I told you about Webloogle. Well, I joined them and today I received an email indicating that I needed to include a link to the site for ranking. Just wanted to let you know that you should expect this if you join. Many directories require this […]