Is Your Blog or Website Mobile Friendly?

How does your blog look on a mobile phone?

Is your blog mobile friendly?

If you are always working from your desktop or laptop posting blog posts have you ever checked to see how your blog looks on a cell phone?

Some of the themes you choose may have done the work for you but it is always good to see for yourself. Here is a free tool by Google that allows you to run a short test.

Are You Playing Wordle?

Are you playing Wordle yet? I have not tried to play yet but I am in the same admiration for all who do play this popular game as I am for those who do crossword puzzles. Why? Because  they are charging up their brains every day. Actually I am convinced that it is a genius more for Baby Boomers.

Thought I would share this article from CNET.

Also, if anyone is blogging about this game changing phenomenal please post in the comments.

Are You Using ‘ADMIN’ as Your User Name? If Yes “Danger, Danger Will Robinson”


Changing Your User Name Can Help Protect Your Blog

If you are still using ‘admin’ as your user name in your blog login then imagine that robot from the TV series Lost in Space warning you of danger. Now your name may not be Will Robinson (The young boy in the series) but imagine that you hear that robot calling your name. I did the other day when I signed into my blog.

I knew that there was a danger in not changing that user name but I got lazy. I have sat through webinars, telesminars and ever read that using ADMIN as your user name could make you a target for hackers! It is so true and I have been hacked more than once.  So I resolved to change my user name and I survived the task.

The Easy Way I Changed My ADMIN to Another User Name

I REPLACED MYSELF. I was listed as the ADMINISTRATOR for my blog with an ADMIN user name. I signed in ,with what I hoped would be the last time, with that oh so obvious ADMIN. Then I tried to delete myself as a user. DUH, it would not delete me because I was signed in. Ha Ha. So I had ADD A NEW USER then sign out and sign back in as the new user. Then, and only then, could I delete that unwise user with ADMIN as the handle.

Ok, here are the steps:

1. Sign in with your existing user name and password

2.  Create a new user with the same role ADMINISTRATOR.

NOTE: I had to use a different email address because each user has to have different email address

3. Log out of your blog

4. Log in again but this time as the new user.

5. Delete the old “admin” user and assign all posts created by that user to your new user. The system will ask you what you want to do with the posts and links owned by the “admin” user. When asked what to do with the posts and links owned by the “admin” user, select the “Attribute all posts and links to” option, choose the new user from the drop down list, and click “Confirm Deletion”.

Once the user is removed, you have the option to change the new user’s email address if a different one was used to create it. Oh, and be sure that when you choose that new user name that you do not use your name. That is just toooo easy for the energetic hacker.

Let me know when you change that user name!


Is There a DYFS for Neglected Blogs? Say Hello to HTBB

Is there a DYFS organization for neglected blogs? DYFS stands for Division of Youth and Family Services.  The provide intervention for children that are neglected plus more.

So, my idea is to create a group that will help neglected blogs.  So, the name I came up with so far is HTBB. Which means, Help This Blogging Boomer.

Now, I am going to be completely honest with you.  Someone should call HTBB on me right now. I mean if my neighbors knew they could call this group for intervention because I have neglected some of my blogs.

The question is should HTTB put them under someone elses care for a while? Should I get help to maintain, sustain and entertain them?  Frankly, I know I am not alone so I am on a mission.

Since I am the founder of HTTB I am seeking volunteers to help me help other baby boomer bloggers. How?

First we will start with ourselves.

Task #1

Look at all your blogs and note the last time you created a post.  Be bold and post the answer, with the name of the blogs, as a comment. Ok, here is transparency, I promise to tell you, as part of my own therapy, before the end of the week.

Are you up for the challenge?

Blogging with Good Computer Health

As I have shared earlier both Ray and I know about some of the health issues related to lonnnnng computer stays and poor ergonomics! Well, I just found out that Jeanette Cates has a powerful ebook on the subject. So besides getting it myself I am also sharing it with my fellow boomers.

Get your copy of Healthy Computing Today!!! It will cost a whole lot less than physical Therapy.


Boomer-Locate a Consultant to Assess Your Workstation

I located a directory of ergonomic consultant. If you visit this link you will be able to specify a location and find a consultant that will come to your home office. I plan to find someone to come to my office for an evaluation of my workstation. You can also call a local college or university to see if they have industrial hygienists that will be able to assist you. Although I have read material and made changes I am convinced that like Rhea and Cecelia have indicated it just makes sense if we are going to be bloggers.

But there are some things I can keep doing now and that is keep my posture good and get up stretch , walk around and dance when stressed.(smile) Hey, if I do that with each stressful moment I could lose weight.


Blogging-Pain in the Neck?

No, I am not just talking about the frustrations you can get trying to figure stuff out. But I am talking about the money and time spent with massages and physical therapists working on my NECK. I found that I can prevent so much my self.

A yoga class has increased my awareness about tuning in to my body. So when I am intense and focused on my computer screen my neck moves forward. My shoulder blades try to introduce themselves to each other and all my tensions have a networking party in my neck.

What Can I Do?

  • I must do neck stretches even while at the computer.
  • I must get up and stretch my whole body about every hour.
  • I should not multi-task as much (Not a boomer thing)
  • I should do deep breaths.
  • I do walk away when things are too much to figure out.

Have I arrived yet? No, right now I have that one-sided pain in the neck and headache soooo I am going to get up, stretch, do another task besides phone work , paper work, or presentation work. I am going to put on some music and do the boomer blogging dance.

Bummer, Ray is not here to join me so it is ok to have my own blogging dance performance.

Does anyone remember the funky chicken? “Get on the good foot?” or some great gospel will work.

What’s your favorate de-stressing boomer music to move by?