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  • Are You Playing Wordle?

    Are you playing Wordle yet? I have not tried to play yet but I am in the same admiration for all who do play this popular game as I am for those who do crossword puzzles. Why? Because  they are charging up their brains every day. Actually I am convinced that it is a genius […]

  • Your Blog is Not Showing Well in Google-Is it Your Breath?

    I  am half-way through listening to this insightful video report on digital  trends for 2022. At the very beginning it explains why some of our blog posts may not be showing up well in Google. Guess what, it has nothing to do with our breath. View this eye-opening  video now on digital  trends for 2022.

  • Are You Using ‘ADMIN’ as Your User Name? If Yes “Danger, Danger Will Robinson”

      If you are still using ‘admin’ as your user name in your blog login then imagine that robot from the TV series Lost in Space warning you of danger. Now your name may not be Will Robinson (The young boy in the series) but imagine that you hear that robot calling your name. I […]

  • Is There a DYFS for Neglected Blogs? Say Hello to HTBB

    Is there a DYFS organization for neglected blogs? DYFS stands for Division of Youth and Family Services.  The provide intervention for children that are neglected plus more. So, my idea is to create a group that will help neglected blogs.  So, the name I came up with so far is HTBB. Which means, Help This […]

  • I Have Decided To Get Up From Blogging And Move Body

     Starting yesterday, I am getting up from this computer every hour. This is not the kind of change I need! How about you?

  • Exercise While Blogging

    Guest blogger, Sarah Scafford has a great article on one of our blogs. You can check it out here. I am stretching my neck now.

  • Blogging with Good Computer Health

    As I have shared earlier both Ray and I know about some of the health issues related to lonnnnng computer stays and poor ergonomics! Well, I just found out that Jeanette Cates has a powerful ebook on the subject. So besides getting it myself I am also sharing it with my fellow boomers. Get your […]

  • Boomer-Locate a Consultant to Assess Your Workstation

    I located a directory of ergonomic consultant. If you visit this link you will be able to specify a location and find a consultant that will come to your home office. I plan to find someone to come to my office for an evaluation of my workstation. You can also call a local college or […]

  • Blogging-Pain in the Neck?

    No, I am not just talking about the frustrations you can get trying to figure stuff out. But I am talking about the money and time spent with massages and physical therapists working on my NECK. I found that I can prevent so much my self. A yoga class has increased my awareness about tuning […]

  • Blogging Health

    Sitting for long hours can take it’s toll on our bodies.Right now Hubby’s shoulder is hurting. I went through the same thing several months ago. I am blaming the mouse. Well, not directly but it was the wrongful posture and position of my computer keyboard and screen. Also neck pain was enhanced because of poor […]