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  • Deeper Insights on Amazon S3 and WordPress For Bold Baby Boomers

    WARNING! Do not read this post unless you have decided to install AmazonS3 or ready to dive head first into the adventure. I recently posted about the installation of AmazonS3 after I followed the instructions. Note: I should change “I “to “we” because my husband and I worked on it with another baby boomer friend […]

  • Want to Get More Savvy With Your Web Graphics?

    Do you want to have Web-Savvy Graphics in 2 Hours! If the answer is yes, check out this upcoming powerful live webinar with Toolie. I plan to be there and will hopefully, hear you on the call. WARNING This seminar just might make your children and grandkids say YOU ROCK!

  • Have You Used Any Of The Video Sharing Sites Besides YouTubes?

    Earlier I did a post about 15 Jaw Dropping Video Sharing Sites. Have you used any of them yet? I am using six of them and making my way to the rest. So far, my experiance¬† with Daily Motion and Viddler is cool because of the auto streaming. I am also impressed with the groups […]

  • How I Embed Video In a Blog

    I use Viddler to embed videos in a blog. But you may say SO WHAT!¬† Well, I wanted to share this with you because I have attempted to add video with You Tube and it just will not work. And the only way to add video to a blog is to purchase more […]

  • 7 Twitter Tools For WordPress PLUS FREE Teleseminar

    Here are 7 Twitter tools for WordPress shared by Earnblogger. Also, combine this information with a FREE ACTION guide and teleseminar given by Social Marketing Expert Cathy Perkins. Now, I realize this is a very busy post. You have already jumped from one blog to another. Now, I am going to let you know that […]

  • Do You Blog On A Mac?

    If you blog on a Mac you just must listen to these dynamic podcasts at the Mac Roundtable. But beware, lots of meaty, challenging and empowering information. Special thanks to my Baby Boomer Hubby, Ray Horner who came home all excited about this resource. Enjoy. Once again go to the Mac Roundtable.

  • Social Media Marketing Video

    Yes, every baby boomer blogger should know about social media sites. She talks fast delivering a lot of information. It is very valuable. Stop the video and actually explore each site. I did not put the video in this post this time but linked directly to the site. Don’t forget to get the free download. […]