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  • Hackproof Your WordPress Blog NOW!

    We woke up one morning and found out that one of our sites had been hacked. A red glaring warning sign appeared on Firefox and Google marked it as a dangerous site. This can happen to you. As much as I want to be intimidated by all the code talk I just cannot afford stop and moan about […]

  • Check Your Blog Theme In Different Browsers

    Be sure to check your blog theme in different browsers. I just started a new site called Baby Boomers Bustin Loose. Whereas, it works just fine in FireFox, and it was working well in Internet Explorer. But now Internet Explorer does not show my sidebars. Oh Boomer! So, I will track back and see what […]

  • How We Upgraded 9 WordPress Sites But Crashed One

    Baby Boomer hubby and I upgraded nine sites yesterday but crased one. How? We used two separate, but effective methods. One method was using two great plug-ins. WordPress Database Backup Plugin This is an excellent, uncomplicated,on-demand backup of your WordPress database. Navigate to Manage ? Backup to get started. By Austin Matzko. WordPress Automatic Upgrade […]

  • Blogging Mistakes-Back up That Blog!

    Blogging backup is critical. I lost one of my blogs last night because I did not back it up myself. Learn the following lessons from my mistake. 1. Even if your host does a back up -Use tools on the host to back it up yourself. 2. Do a periodic back up using a WordPress […]

  • Blogging Mistakes-3 Common Ones

    Blogging mistakes are so very common. I make blogging mistakes much too often. So I decided to share 3 common mistakes I sometimes make. Mistake #1 Creating posts without links to the sites mentioned. Mistake #2 Neglecting to check posts for spelling errors Mistake #3 Neglecting to check links made in a post to ensure […]

  • Blogging Mistakes-Real No, No’s Rosie Horner

    The links in the post below should be clickable to save time and effort. Also, part of the post was cut and pasted from the web and not placed on notepad or texpad. A better link would be, click here to sign up for 3:00 EST. Click here to sign up for 8:00 EST. I […]