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  • How To Get Dynamic Traffic to Your Blog Where to Put Keywords in Your Blog Posts-Part 2

    Greetings, boomer bloggers. This is Ron Whitaker, Guest Blogger, with part 2 of your series on keywords. If you remember, last week I discussed the basics of keyword research. Here’s a quick review: If you remember my example from last week, I said that if you and I were having a discussion about my trip […]

  • How To Get Dynamic Traffic To Your Blog Pt. 1

    Enjoy this powerful series by Guest Blogger Ron Whitaker OK, folks, history lesson time! Back in the 1800s American humorist Josh Billings made the following famous quote (actually, a little rhyme!): “I hate to be a kicker, I always long for peace,  but the wheel that does the squeaking is the one that gets the […]

  • Kids Health, Womens’ Health and RSS

    CDC has done an awesome job explaining the concept of RSS while sharing cutting edge information on health. This is a post that shares the link to the RSS feeds for Women and Kids health. But included is one of the very best explanations of RSS feeds I have ever read. Check out this post […]

  • Thinking about Guest Authors on Your WordPress Blog?

    Are you thinking about making someone a guest blog author on your wordpress blog? This question recently came up and although I have made folks guest bloggers by inserting their articles I never gave anyone access to my site to be a guest blogger. So, I decided to re-check the roles and capabilities for users on […]

  • Blog Talk 6- What is a Host?

    A host is like an apartment building. Your website is one of the apartments in the building. Hence you pay rent to the apartment building. Also, a host is like the host or hostess of a party. They provide the food, accommodations and all the right food to make your event a success. When you […]

  • Blog Talk-3-Categories

    Categories organize the stuff you write in your blog. Actually many folks can relate to a category like the chapters in a book. Ah, does that mean you could blog your book easily by managing your categories? Ummm Here is some talk about categories given by WordPress.(08) “Each post in WordPress is filed under one […]

  • SEO For Your Blog! From The Word Press Wizard Weekly

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was the topic of the Word Press Weekly by Cathy Perkins last week. I am listening to it now by mp3 because I missed it. I am so excited about the meat she shared that I had to post about it on this site. She gives you the information of changing […]

  • Do You Recall What a Type of Blog is Called a Blawg?

    A BLAWG is a blog about legal topics and issues. I saw a great one today that was referenced by Debra Shiveley Welch. Best Selling Author of “Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher,” “A Very Special Child – An Adoption Story” – co-author “Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams” The site is LLRX. […]

  • What is the Difference between a Blog Search Engine and Blog Directory? New Blogging Boomers Want to Know

    There is a big difference between a blog search engine and a blog directory. I know most of you reading this have experienced using both but for those new blogging boomers I thought this explanation might be helpful. A blog search engine’s main focuses on finding blog entries that match specific keywords and blog entries […]

  • What is an Event Blog?

    Now an event blog is usually temporary. It is set up to promote an upcoming event. Those events may include a concert, trade conferences, etc. Many times someone in the event may blog reports about the event proceedings from their laptops while at the event. Sometimes they are left as an archive after the event […]