Are You Ready for a Boomer Laugh Today????

Are you ready for a boomer laugh today? If yes please go the this blog  by Newsday and view the animation done by Walt Handelsman on two baby boomers exercising to the tune of “Born To Be Wild”. Now remember that he is also a political cartoonist so he does not hold back with the raw details of aging. But it is funny and perhaps you could also use a break from blogging to laugh.


Boomer Rosie makes her first Flip Video

You can make a video just as easy as Rosie did with the Flip Video Camera that has a USB plug attached right to the camera to plug into your PC or MAC. All you do with the Flip camera is press the record button and point and you are making a movie. As you can see a tripod would have helped, but if you don’t have one make a video anyway it’s fun. If you want to get one you can always click on the Amazon banner on this page.

We found out that their price was actually cheaper than where we purchased it at Costcos! You can get a 30 min. or 60 min useage before uploading to your computer.

Enjoy the video


Are You Looking for the Video and Cartoon Ray Did Thursday Aug. 16?

A lot of you unfamiliar to blogging may have received a note to visit the blog and see the video and cartoon ray did. This is just a reminder that blogs go in reverse chronological order. In other words the last think we post will be first. After a few posts the postings will be in the archives.

Always look in the catorgories locate what you are looking for. All the posts will also be there.

If you have any problems just email me rosiehorner(at) or Ray -hornerart(at)

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