Baby Boomer Divas Weekend-You Are Invited

October, 17, 2009 is the Baby Boomer Diva Weekend in Raleigh NC on Social Media. View this special invitation.

You just saw a few of the many awesome baby boomer diva’s in this short video. Can you imagine what it will be like to attend power-packed, information satuated and eye opening weekend? You will not only walk away with life changing information but you will probably have some fun.

Go ahead and read more about the weekend planned for Boomer Diva Social Media event.

Oh, did I mention that they will be talking about blogging by and for baby boomers? Also, cutting edge information on other Social Media goodies.

Social Bookmarking vs Social Networking

Social bookmarking is different from social networking. I got a really clear explanation of this recently. Yet, I have subscribed to many sites that belong in both categories and did not have a full grasp of the difference between the two of them.

Ok, this is my explanation:

Both are part of Web 2.0. However, social bookmarking is like choosing things to go into your favorites to go to later. Except there is a wide internet world that can see the sites you have chosen.

Whereas, social networking is like visiting sites you want to hang out in and play, visit, learn and share information with others in the world wide web who have silmilar interests.

An example of a social networking site is Twitter An example of a social bookmarking site is Delicious.

Also, see and enjoy an earlier post on Twitter. 

Here is a great, easy to understand video from Common Craft on Social Bookmarking.