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  • Hackproof Your WordPress Blog NOW!

    We woke up one morning and found out that one of our sites had been hacked. A red glaring warning sign appeared on Firefox and Google marked it as a dangerous site. This can happen to you. As much as I want to be intimidated by all the code talk I just cannot afford stop and moan about […]

  • I Did Not Lie-I Just Updated An Old Blog Post With New Information

    I just made some additons to an old post about adding video to a site.Why, because I made an incorrect statement based on my current knowledge and experience at the time. I said you could not embed video into a site from Youtube. Don’t think I did not try without some heartburn. I […]

  • Video Posts-Using Viddler

    Video posting is hot! Well there are loads of new and old video platforms, that can host your videos. I am currently playing around with  Viddler. Now, what I really like , so far, is my ability to create a video using my webcam directly to the Viddler site. Now, this is really cool when […]

  • 15 Jaw Dropping Video Sharing Sites

    Videos on your blogs are hot! Google loves them and so do I. I am exploring some of the video sharing sites you can use to host your video. Each one is unique. So, take your time, and study each site.  Some are really young and still need fine tuning so do  not hesitate to […]

  • Can You Upload Audio and Video To a Blog?

    Can you add audio/video to a blog? I am glad you asked. YES and NO As you know I am a fan of sites for community groups and blog beginners. However, let’s not forget that “hosted” blog platform does not punch as much power as a “self-hosted solution like But allow me […]

  • How To Add Audio To Your Blog!

    You can add audio to your blog without a lot of drama! If you go to the first sidebar on the right I have a short, really short audio and two videos. So check them out. Enjoy and email me or respond to this post with any questions.

  • Social Media Marketing Video

    Yes, every baby boomer blogger should know about social media sites. She talks fast delivering a lot of information. It is very valuable. Stop the video and actually explore each site. I did not put the video in this post this time but linked directly to the site. Don’t forget to get the free download. […]

  • How To Chris Abraham-For Beginners

    Here is another great video on setting up a blog. This one is done by Chris Abraham. Once again, stop the video, open up another tab and start doing what is shown on the video. YOU CAN DO THIS!