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Did You Ever Want To Send a Message to Someone on Pinterest?

I really never thought about sending someone a message on Pinterest. I always figured that if I made a comment on their boards they would see anything I had  to say. Yet, as I think about it there may be times that you want your message to be private.
I mean you don’t want the whole Pinterest world to see your suggestion to  another Pinner that they should use a better picture or that you thought their description needed improvement. Nor do you want everyone to see your attempt to negotiate a better price for those earrings they are selling on Etsy or Ebay.

Well, I saw this post on a great blog called Networkingtips4u on Creating Messages on Pinterest.

Remember your blogging 101 and leave a comment on the site.

2 comments to Did You Ever Want To Send a Message to Someone on Pinterest?

  • That article was somewhat helpful.

    I, too, have wanted to send messages to users, like when they repin one of my pins. I’d like to do what I do on Twitter when someone retweets one of my tweets–send them a quick thank you message.

    Perhaps if enough of us started asking for such a feature, we could get Pinterest to add it to their site.

  • I’m not sure that I would be in favor of it as I see it as a visual social media site. I go there to look, not necessarily read. Good discussion though. Thanks

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