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Did You Know that Ezinearticles Had a Plug-in For WordPress.org?

Thanks to a fellow blogger in the current Blog Challenge I found out about Ezinearticle’s plug-in for WordPress.org blogs. So I say thank you to Kevin Thompson.

Now, I am not saying that I probably saw notification sent via email from Ezinearticles or heard someone mention it but I never paid any attention or read the email. Ok, 50 lashes with a wet noodle.

But today when Kevin said, “You just got to use this plug-in it’s awesome.” So, I decided to digress from my series on social bookmarking and share this information with you.

I went to my plug-in manager and did a search on ezinearticles. There it was ready for me to install. I checked to make sure it was compatible with the current version of my blog.

After installing I read more about the plug-in. You can actually post an article on Ezinearticles directly from your blog post. Now, before you say anything about duplicate content please look at this blog post on Ezinearticle’s blog.

So, tonight I dusted off my Ezinearticle’s username and password. I was missing in action for a while and decided to check the status of my over 600 articles. I submitted three (3) posts from an earlier series.

The cool thing is that the plug-in will validate your article before it allows submission. If you have too many links or other issues it lets you know. Also, remember that Ezinearticles changed the required number of words for articles to 250.

So, now I have another challenge. To get 1,000 articles submitted and approved by September, 2010.Now that it is out there please check on my status. (Why not join me?)

Note that I said approved because after I submitted my articles I got that wonderful email that said they will be reviewed in48 hours. But since I have become a blogger I know that if at first you don’t succeed you just keep trying.

OOPs, be sure to designate the right category for your article or change them when it gets approved.

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