Check Your Blog Stats Like Your ATM Balance Pt. 1

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Whenever I check my ATM card balance I find out several things that form my spending behavior. Well the same thing happens with our blog stats. As many of you the blog stats available to you on your host  can tell you a lot about your current and future blogging activity.

What If You Are Using Blogger or

Well, I currently use both Blogger and for my FREE hosted blogging. I have never used a service to track statistics on Blogger but I found a service that does it free.

But wait! Did you know that Google owns both Blogger and Google Analytics? Well, they would not leave their blog site without a statistical interface for too long. Here is a tutorial for adding Google Analytics(Which I also use for this self-hosted site) to your Blogger blog. has a built in blog statistical interface. It is quite good. It will also tell you the posts that get the most attention. Check out the stats on one of my recently neglected sites.This is what you will see directly on your Dashboard on a site. It shows the top posts for the week and also the most active. If you place your cursor on the graph it will show the number of posts for a given day. Since I have not been as active for a few moons there is not a lot of activity. But that will change.. stats for stats on

Now see what happens when I click on the Blog Stats Tab on the Administration Panel.

Blog Stats on stats for Rosies Blog Class stats for

Note that now you can search by Days, Weeks and Months. You can also see what sites have sent you traffic, top posts on your site, search engine traffic, clicks, a summary table, incoming links and how many email subscribers you have. In my case I am using


Based on this short look at my stats I have decided to link to this site post in a post on the Rosies Blog Class site. I will also resume posting other tutorials. You know the same would be true if I looked at my ATM balance I would decide that it needed a deposit.

Part 2 will deal my self-hosted stats for my other blogs.

6 thoughts on “Check Your Blog Stats Like Your ATM Balance Pt. 1

  1. I’ve a stat person and have been using Google Analytics for several years on my wordpress sites. My daughter has a blogger account. She will certainly welcome this information. She can now have stats on her site.


  2. I am a big on keeping stats. I mean how do you know where your going or if what you have been doing works if you are not keeping stats.

    Love my Google Analytics!

    I also keep stats on commmenting on blogs, how many major actions I compete in a day … etc. Then I try to beat the day before.

  3. I’ve never been much of a stats freak Rosie! But I think that needs to change…and your post helped me realize that.
    It seems that analyzing stats is a lot more important than most of us realize, especially if we’re relatively new to this.
    Look forward to more tips…

    Mtn Jim

  4. Oh, that is awesome. I knew it would only be right for Google to make a way for Blogger to view stats. And I simply love the stats on Much continued success!

  5. Trust me Jim, I do understand. But it really does make you confront areas that need help. Be sure to check out the post tomm. where I share a few of my stats for my self-hosted site. Very interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

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