7 thoughts on “Do You Ever Get Tired of Blogging?

  1. I get tired at times because all of the responsibilities that I have during the course of the day. By the time evening set’s in I need my Geritol to keep me going. Blogging Betty, do you think a program like netvibes would make life a lot easier? Thanks for this post.

    Art Prof

  2. Of course Netvibes or somekind of management tool would be an asset. I am going to start sharing more about the Blog Management System with my readers. But , I think Prof, you are just plain tired and need a vacation! Come back refreshed, restored and revitalized.

  3. If you look at my blogs of late, it may appear that I’ve gotten tired of blogging, as I haven’t been there much! As much as I love to write (and that includes blogging), I find the demands on my time don’t always leave a lot of time to blog as frequently as I’d like or as I used to.

    I’m intending to blog on my upcoming trip to Japan, but that, too, will depend upon the demands of my time there. I do hope to have some time for it as reflecting on a new experience is always refreshing material, I think.

    I look forward to reading more about blog management systems from you! Warmly, Barbara

  4. I was born to blog. I was just looking up the definition of “blog” the same week someone convinced me to start one in Sept. ’07. Over time, I came to realize that I had been gathering material for years that works well in this medium. Many articles I have published previously–or never published because I couldn’t sell them or otherwise find their home–are now the queue for my blogs. My subject matter is broad–living a spirited life–so I can’t really run out of material.

    I’d rather blog than almost anything else, and getting my book in print has been somewhat delayed and neglected because of it. However, blogging has given me the feedback needed to realize that I need to revision my book and focus it differently. If I wait much longer, I wonder if e-publication will pass up the old-fashioned book and I’m just ahead of my time, LOL!

    I realized only last week that my experience writing an international newsletter in the ’90s is exactly what I’m doing now in a higher-tech way. It all goes back to how I first got into writing as a 10-year-old pen pal. Blogging is just writing to lots of “pals” all at once in a newfangled way.

  5. Joyce this is one of the best testimonials for blogging I have ever read. Hey, how about blogging your book? You know I am finding that with good category structure those same categories can become chapters in your book. Then each blog post is an entry that can be expanded when you edit.
    Keep up the great work. You are a true blogging inspiration!

  6. Wow. Theree years later and this topic is still of interest. We can all use a shot in the arm.. Thanks for being my doctor!

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