Do You Know How to Move Your WordPress Site to Another Host?

Ok, maybe everything is just fine with your current host.  That’s Great! However, stuff happens. Little things like the server goes down right before you are about to press PUBLISH. Oops, when the server comes back up only part of the post was saved.Well, that was ok but when it happens two more times in the upcoming weeks you wonder if you should investigate other options.


Everything is just dandy with your server but when you think about all 24 of your sites on one server, oh my. What happens if it goes down? It just might cut into your online action. My mom always said that” A poor mouse only has one hole to run in.”


You want to send more traffic to your other sites.  So, yes you can write posts and link to another one of your sites to get some trackback action. But it sure looks good to Google and other roaming robots traveling from top search engines, if that traffic is coming from another IP address.

I currently use Bluehost and Hostgator. The support is simply amazing.  But I wanted to share this critical and invaluable information from fellow Baby Boomer Heidi Caswell-just in case you ever need it.  So please read the post below and keep it handy.

How to Move Your WordPress Blog to Another Server

1 thought on “Do You Know How to Move Your WordPress Site to Another Host?

  1. Thanks for sharing Rosie! Having all your eggs in more than one basket is wise, just as your mom said about the mouse.

    Another way to get links from various ip address: Buy an aged domain name, in your niche, possibly a pr 1 or 2 and register it for a total cost of under $30. Write up 3-4 unique articles in your niche. Put them on blogger, weebly, tumblir etc but using that domain name. (no hosting cost-different ip address. Here is tumblir’s directions

    Link to your site on its home page.

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