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Do You Remember What Comment You Made On A Blog Last Month?, Last Week?, Last Hour?

If you want to search a history of your comments used under different usernames you can use a new site called Backtype. But this site does so much more. I have signed up and in the exploration stage. Join me. I also wrote a short review.

Did I hear someone out there say they do not make comments on blogs? I hope not. Because if you want more traffic to come to your sites, establish more online relationships and just let folks know what you have to say then Go Forth And Comment!

4 comments to Do You Remember What Comment You Made On A Blog Last Month?, Last Week?, Last Hour?

  • I agree that it is important to comment on sites you visit if you have something relevant to say. A blogger can discern who is just “dropping” and those who genuinely want to contribute to a dialogue. Those are the comments most appreciated. It becomes engaging and isn’t that what blogging is all about?

  • Well, you certainly illustrated the practice of comment sharing. Thanks so much for stopping by. Just wish I had a coffee/tea station I could set up for folks to hang out while reading my blogs. How cool. Must be a plugin somewhere. (Smile)

  • I agree, posting comments is a great help to the author. I appreciate all post even if it is just a “thank you.”

  • […] Do you know how to track when someone makes a comment on your area of interest on a blog? Now, I am not talking about Google Alerts which all of you should have on your topic area as well as your name. But I am talking about using a tool I blogged about a while ago called Backtype. […]

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