Get Some FREE Laptop Skills Training 30 Mins. Every WED

A friend of ours named Toolie has a great course she is doing on basic computer skills. It is called a laptop skills webinar. That’s right a webinar. That means you will have a phone number to call on a conference line while listening will also have a link to click to SEE what she is talking about right on  your screen.

This is great for boomers! She will be doing a guest article for this blog in future. Meanwhile get on over to her link and register for the session.

Right now we are enjoying her free webinar on google search tools. She has more in store. So if you want to take advantage of some good information in only 30 min. on a Wed. give her a shout out at.

Go to her link and sign up NOW for the next FREE CLASS.

PS. Even if you cannot make it sign up anyway you can go to a special page to  get the replay.

Ray  and Rosie

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