Give Edublog a Try!

I just got this newsletter from Edublog. It has so many cool things going on that I thought some of you might enjoy it. So I decided to post it under a new category we created called Blog promotion. This catergory will feature a current effort we have to search and try blogging directories, bookmarks and blogging communities. So stay tuned check them out and see how you like them. Here is the newsletter article.

Dear Edublogger,

Welcome to our second monthly newsletter, bringing you all the good stuff from the education web.

This month we’ve got a ‘back to school special’ – a heap of great tools that you can use to teach and communicate with online, together with how you can bring them all into your blog.

So what’s this ‘bling’ thing… well, it’s all about dressing up your blog, furnishing it with great features and mashing up media into it left right and centre.

*** Widgets!

We’ve had widgets in edublogs for a heap of time, but we haven’t had anything like Widgetbox before.

Yep, – it’s a site where you can get sidebar widgets ranging from games of Tetris to video messaging, polls and a heap more – and now you can simply add them to your edublog by just going to Presentation > Widgets.

You can even have up to 9 of them.

*** Sildeshows!

There’s nothing like sharing slides, especially to music and even moreso with audio narration… and that’s what you can now do in spades (and then easily post them on your edublog).

For fun and galleries, try out, for the more serious of you- you can upload your PowerPoints and create ‘slidecasts’ (slideshows and podcasts) at and the indie-kid in you can always try

And what’s more, we’ve got really simple instructions on how to embed these in your edublogs posts and pages:

So, go forth and bling up your blog!


James Farmer
Founder, edublogs