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Google Goodies #7-What Time is it?

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Google Goodies

There you are sitting at your computer at 1:19 pm in New York City. But oh my you need help resizing your picture. You decide at that moment to call your friend in Washington State  to help you while your brain cells are still alive. But then you stop and wonder will you be waking her up? You know how she gets if it is too early.

You don’t have a  fancy watch on your arm and you haven’t figured out all the features on your cell phone yet.  So you go to Google and type in  Time Washington State in the search box.

There it appears the exact time it is in Washington State  which is 10:19 am. You breath a sigh of relief because by then she has had at least 2 cups of coffee and ready for any question you may have.

Ah, another Google Goodie helps you to get the job done.

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3 comments to Google Goodies #7-What Time is it?

  • Cecelia Jones

    Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for the info. I checked it out. Works for Washington. If you’re checking for Florida use “Time FLorida.” There, you’ll find the time in big letters.

    If you use Time Florida State, you go to FSU -land of the Florida University Seminoles and other shopping sites. We do love our football here in Florida.

    Thanks again. This was both informative and fun!

  • Wow, Thanks for those extra tidbits!

  • What a great and simple tip! I go to time zone sites, and that’s a lot more complicated.

    Here’s to more simple answers to free us up for the really complex issues in life. 🙂

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