How Can You Make Money With Your Blog

Ok, it is probably about time I start putting more on this blog about making money. Frankly, I am still learning.Boy am I learning. Ask my husband he will tell you how much I research this topic. I agree with Mike, it does take work and time.

I am trying not to be sleep deprived and that is why I created another blog called Healthy Internet Users to remind me. Actually Ray put it up because he felt that I should keep my health background in the blogging mix. He is so wise.

So here is a good post from Mike Paetzold. He has a really good  and meaty blog and excellent teleseminars. So  slide on over and ask your questions. Not sure if he is a baby boomer or not but he has a high level of expertise and excellent in sharing.  He gives a good overview of the subject. I promise to begin more posts on some things that are or are not working for us.

Thanks, Mike.

You can read it here.


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  1. Rosie,

    Thanks for directing us to that article. It provided some good information. I never really thought much about making money from my blogs—although I really do love to write them. But I write a hodge podge of stuff so there may not be any money in that.

    Thanks so much for continuing to keep us “boomers” informed.

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