How Do You Change the Order of Your Pages in WordPress?

I just found out how to change the order of my pages in WordPress! I had developed several pages in a blog I was working with on a collaborative health project called Be in the know . However, when I tried to change the order of the pages it would not work! Just when I was about to delete all the pages and paste them on my notepad I decided to beg for help.

I wrote the wordpress wizard and she explained that pages naturally fall into alphabetical order. DUH, sounds real simple but like so much in blogging we can often find simple solutions that can save us time and mental pixals. Thanks Cathy!

PS Cathy is starting her free teleseminars on wordpress goodies Just go to her site, thewordpresswizard and sign up. Tell her Rosie sent you and maybe I can bug her for another HELP ME question.:) Seriously, spend a few moments getting some insights from her sight while you are there.

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