How Do You Delete Your Blog?

A very good boomer buddy asked me this question today, “Rosie, how do I delete my blog.?” Actually, she stumbled on this site she started a very long time ago and had forgotten all about it. Of course, my desire is for her to try and develop it with the idea behind why she started it in the first place. It can have several good practice points.

But in case there is someone else reading this that has an old blog hanging out there is cyberspace. This is what you do:

  • Sign into your dashbroad
  • Click on Settings in the Admin. Panel on the left
  • Click on the Delete Blog Option

But just remember, if you keep it you can always make it a private blog shut off from the search engines. You can choose the option to invite folks to view your posts. PLUS this is a good option if you were writing a book or collection of poems not ready for prime time. Think about it.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Delete Your Blog?

  1. Hi Rosie,
    I learned (after finally finding out how to contact WordPress) that once you permanently delete your blog from WordPress, you can never use that title again on WordPress. You may log on using the same username (which cannot be changed) and post as many new blogs and you wish.

    I received an email from WordPress stating this when I sent them a message stating that I wanted to remove the blog. These same instructions are listed on the website, I think in your Profile section.

  2. Yes, unfortunately, whereas is great for a practice starter blog platform it is still, a homeless shelter. You have no control. Best to self-host after you get both feet wet with blogging. Or, I encourage folks to use for journaling shut off from search engines with invites to a few people. But you must keep copies of your stuff on the hard drive they will not back up your stuff.

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