How I Got 30 Comments In 10 Minutes

I got 30 comments in only 10 minutes. How? It was real simple and you can do it too-BUT I HOPE YOU DON’T.!

After my husband and IĀ upgraded 9 of our sites to Version 2.7 we forgot, in the heat of upgrade passion, to ACTIVATE one of our plugins. Namely, Akismet. You know the one behind the scenes catching all that funky spam.

So when I got all those comment notifications in my email, of course I was delighted. But all of them were spam. Boo hoo. So, after a bulk deletion, all the spam was gone. And I made sure that I activated that wonderful Akismet plug in.

So don’t you make the same mistake.

6 thoughts on “How I Got 30 Comments In 10 Minutes

  1. I’ve been using Akismet ever since I started blogging. (Thank goodness it comes with WordPress because I’m not technically astute enough to know about it on my own!)
    At any rate, it’s a wonder and a sure-fire way to identify spam. I guess you know that all too well by now!

  2. It’s one of the first plugins I activate before anything else. I find that the spammers travel from one blog to another so I’ll often get the same spam for several of my sites.

  3. I wonder if there is a Spam association or conference, then we could go and learn the inside scoop. Anyone out there know the mind of the spammer?

  4. Akismet is the first plugin I activate when I first launch a blog. Thank goodness WordPress prompted me because I don’t know that I would’ve thought of it the very first time I launched a blog. Today, I rely heavily on Akistmet to protect both my blog and my users. THANKS for the reminder, Rosie.


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